Lot 218 – Mercedes-Benz 500CL V8 Coupe 2005

Estimate value : £4,000 – £6,000

“The CL is Mercedes-Benz’s top of the range coupe model. It is in many ways hard to justify as it offers less practicality than the S-Class and lacks the drop-top abilities of the SL, and all three models offer similar performance. Look at it another way however and it is more practical than the SL and sexier than the S-Class. Visually discreet (as much as a five metre long Mercedes can be) it combines wonderfully cosseting accommodation and a gargantuan boot with varying shades of disdainfully powerful engines” Yes that is a direct quote from a motoring journalist, for which I apologise, but you just cannot say it better if you try!

This lovely car has a mere 89K on the clock, with a full service history, so the 300+ horse power 5 litre V8 up front is hardly run in. When launched Mercedes quoted a 6 second 0-60 time and this for a 15 feet long car that with all the standard luxury fittings they come with, weighed in at over 4000 lbs. impressive to say the least.

Inside the cream leather is in good condition and contrasts nicely with the rare to find, black metallic exterior which itself is set off by nice 19” AMG Alloy wheels. All aspects of the car are described by the vendor as good and as you can see, there are no electrical malfunctions and the active suspension system works with no faults. If you have not owned one of these cars, you owe it to yourself to do so, especially while you can do so for such a ridiculously small investment!


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