Lot 114 – Toyota MR2 GT-S “TURBO” 1993

Estimated Value : £3,000 – £4,000


Having been owned by the vendor for 12 years, this lovely example has been used sparingly (its MOT history showing just over 2000 miles in 11 years!) it has been cherished, always serviced and then only a few years ago, as the red paint had done the usual trick and begun to fade, he commissioned it to be resprayed at a cost of £4,000. An excellent job was done and it is still as good today. Mechanically things are the same as it has been religiously serviced each year. Remember that when first imported in late 2004 the odometer would of displayed KMS, the earliest MOT is in 2006 at 79118, you can see how little the vendor used it so the first year or two in the UK is probably a maximum of 1000 miles. So the 78 or so thousand would actually be 48750, add on the “miles” travelled since you get approximately 51000 miles only.

The car is totally stock with nothing ever fiddled with or “improved” as so many were. Being a JDM car it also has air-conditioning. If you are a collector/lover of Japanese classics or even a speculator, buy this one.



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