Lot 181 – Citroen 2CV Dolly “Buy one get one free” Restoration 1987

Estimated Value : £1500 – £2000

While not having been run for a while but driven to where you see it in the pictures, this 2CV Dolly is ripe for restoration. Body work is ok and the piano hinge on the boot lid is good, as is the lower windscreen panel, both normally rotted out or having been long since replaced.  The chassis is beginning to rust but looks to be the original and saveable. The floor pans look good from the inside and all the lights etc are present. Interior is actually surprisingly good, but if you are going to fully restore it then you would look to retrim, if not a clean and leave it alone.

Mechanically you would want to go right through it but the vendor assure us that it did run, drive and stop under its own steam, prior to being parked up. But it is sold for restoration not as a road worthy car.

Now the other “free” one. Its um not nice! Really it’s only good for spares. Its all there mechanically (engine gearbox etc with the car) but it has some “minor” things missing like its floor pans and the chassis is broken! It’s actually only the doors being shut that keep it looking a bit straighter. Please be under no illusion, in our opinion this one is past saving but as said, an excellent source of parts

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