Lot 166 – Daimler Conquest 1954

Estimated Value : £2,000 – £4,000

Having spent a long time in dry storage, this 100% complete Daimler has had the body refreshed and is now presentable with all chrome and exterior pieces appearing to be original, all there and in good order. The interior, while being dusty and with a patina of age, is still original and with some effort, cleaning and treating the leather etc, is useable as is, so maintaining that lovely aged feel to it. If originality is not what you value and you intend to take it up to the next level, then yes it does need to be restored. A rare find that was originally supplied by the famous Jaguar Daimler dealership C.H.Truman and Co Ltd in Coventry.

When asked “How long have you owned it?” The vendor an older gent said” Ooo must be twenty years by now, maybe more!!” So a long time anyway. The car does run and drive, he intends to drive it over to the auction probably a distance of 15 miles or so, but we are offering it as a car that will need re-commissioning and some restoration prior to use.

The vendor feels that he has an early style log book for it, but will have to try and find it. In cases such as this we advise you to expect to apply for it and if he does find it then we will update accordingly. The registration number itself is a current plate and is still registered to a 1954 Black Daimler so still current and registered to this car.

Grand old ladies such as this rarely turn up, they are normally by now either fully restored or basket cases. This lovely example gives its next owner the option to do the least required and maintain its originality or fully restore. Offered with a very sensible reserve that would allow either.



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