Lot 220 – Daimler Sorry withdrawn and entered in our Sept. Auction

Estimated Value :  SORRY NOW WITHDRAWN Re-Entered in our Sept. auction

Presented in this rare and much valued “Coral Metallic” this 1980 4.2 Daimler “Vanden Plas” is a rare beast indeed. Unusual in that most VDP Daimlers of this era had the almost obligatory black vinyl roof but as you can see, this doesn’t and looks nice with its body coloured roof instead. Another nice touch on the VDP is the extra chrome waist line trim complimenting the chrome bonnet trim of the standard Daimler model.

The body itself is in good condition with just one or two areas of concern, the worst of which is shown. Bare in mind this is not a restored car, more one whose owners have carried out both paintwork and mechanical work as and when needed.  All the bright work is good and the overall impression is it’s still a “good looking” car.

The chamois leather and wood trimmed interior is in good condition generally but the roof lining is poor, looking to be the original and now due for replacement.

Mechanically the low mileage shown on the clock of 76,700 miles is backed up by an extensive file of history so it’s no surprise that the overall engine condition, along with transmission, running gear and the cars electrics are all described as very good. The vendor, who has owned the car for the past 17 years, has just placed a new mot on the car to give that extra piece of mind for perspective new owners.

There are now only 4 VDP 4.2’s listed on the road in the UK plus only 2 others on sorn! Making this beautiful to drive car rarer than most Ferraris etc. Being offered with a realistic reserve, one that takes into account that it will need some minor attention at some point to its cosmetics. This is a car you can drive as you improve, if that’s your wish, while probably never seeing another one the same.

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