Aston Martin DB7 3.2 FSH 1998

Estimated value: £10,000 – £15,000

First registered in September 1998 this has to be the best priced DB7 offered here in the UK today. No it is not mint and yes it does have a light damage insurance “Cat D” loss against it from back in 2002. It also only has 57000 miles recorded on the clock, with a full history that appears to back up this low mileage.

The exterior , while looking great from a distance when up close you will see it needs light attention with some light corrosion and substandard paint in places, ironically you would guess this is from the old repair. There is also a small scratch on the l/h rear quarter and a chip out of the paint on the front valance. But all of this could be addressed very easily and not at a high cost.

Interior is still smart with the leather trim being in good order. There are some loose panels here and there where clips need to be replaced, all are present though and to be brutally frank, Aston Martin build quality was not at its best when it came to fixtures and fixings back in the 90’s so this is no more than to be expected.

Mechanically things seem good, the engine fires up instantly and sounds good. There is an aftermarket stainless exhaust fitted which while giving the car a very purposeful exhaust note, could be causing the only warning light that is lit on the dash to operate sometimes. It is the “Cat” warning light so guess the exhaust system is upsetting it? However on the short test a member of staff carried out, the car pulls very well and changes gear smoothly, brakes work and the electrical functions, function.

The last MoT ran out April this year but having passed its last 5 tests without an advisory against it and only covering just over 3000 miles in the preceding year, there should be no major problems. So if you are looking to enter into Aston Martin ownership this car has to be considered. Yes it has some problems but nothing that cannot be overcome easily and let’s face it, it is a damn good looking car that runs drives with a service history and if you’re not fussy about paintwork, MOT’d and used as is!



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