Mercedes 280SL Convertible 1994

Estimated Value : £3,000 – £5,000

In an eye catching red this very nice December 1994 Mercedes 280SL really does stand out from the crowd. Its body work is very good, nice and straight with a lovely deep shine from years of being polished. The alloy wheels are in very good order and the hard top is with the car, as in the pictures. The vendor tells us that the soft top below it is in good order and fully functioning.

With only just over 105K on the clock that nice 2.8 engine up front is barely run in. The 2.8 is an excellent blend of performance and economy with the weight saving over the big V8 motors translating into a more precise handling car, so more than compensating for the lower power especially with the automatic gearbox having the switchable sport mode.

The biscuit coloured leather of the interior is very nice but the driver’s seat bolster does require the usual repair, unusual it has lasted this long to be honest. Past that the wood trims and all the electric options the car is equipped with, make it a very pleasant place to be.

Unfortunately the history has been lost, along with the owners hand book pack. The on line MOT history goes back to 2006 and shows 90,755 so it’s likely that coupled with its condition, the 104,648 on the clock is correct but this cannot be proved. So with that in mind the vendor is having a service done prior to the auction plus a new MOT and has placed a lower reserve on the car.

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