LOT 106: Chevrolet “Step Side” V8 Pick-up. 1978

Estimated Value : £8,000 – £10,750

Having previously sold this very good condition 1978 Chevrolet Step Side truck at one of our auctions, it has been back out to France where it was originally imported from, served its purpose and then back to us to resell!

Still in excellent order through out with a strong 5 litre V8 up front. It starts first time every time and soon settles to a very even and quiet tick over. On the road it pulls cleanly and runs up through the automatic gearbox nicely. The twin big bore exhausts making a nice but not obnoxious note. There seems to be little or no tram lining common to these trucks. Brakes are servo assisted and work very well. Steering is power assisted. Tyres are good all-round. The body work looks to be rust free and is as solid underneath as on top with a nice checker plated rear bed.

Interior is nice and equipped with electric windows and door locks although the passenger window does not seem to work. All the gauges work correctly, displaying good oil pressure. There is a brake warning light on telling you the emergency (hand) brake is on when it is not. This does flash when you operate the release lever so is probably down to adjustment of the switch. Does not affect the driving but worth mentioning. The seat belts are fitted and their warning light works correctly.

The truck is still on French papers but easy enough to register onto UK plates if staying in the UK, will need an MOT and insurance to do so. Not currently MOT’d so cannot legally be driven away from the auction. Transport can be arranged.





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