Lot 164 – Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 6.5 T.M.E “Tommi Makinen Edition” 2000

Estimated Value : £13,000 – £15,000

Over the years, Japanese vehicle manufacturers have produced both cars and motorbikes that shook the establishment. They have an inherent skill of taking a standard, even boring, car and turn it into a stunning bit of kit with almost super car performance, but one you can take shopping and throw your groceries in the boot along with the golf clubs, sports kit or kids push bikes. For a long time Nissan were the accepted market leaders with their Skyline having anything from a 1600cc single overhead cam engine through to a fire breathing twin can, twin turbo 4 wheel drive 280hp version, in what basically resembles the same car! Mitsubishi soon joined in the fun and produced the performance version of their 4 door family saloon car the lancer and called it an “EVO” to get your attention. This range continues today.

What we have here is a very special version named after Mitsubishi’s world Rally Championship winning driver “ Tommi Makinen” . Apart from the special graphics they equipped the car with bigger brakes inside the one off 18” alloy wheels and amongst other performance up grades, a titanium shaft was used in the turbo along with larger turbo housings, allowing much higher fan speeds and hence higher performance. Under the bonnet you will find an HKS high performance air filter, which along with the ECU being re-mapped helps the engine to produce a claimed 360HP. The vendor does say these turbos are known to produce over 400HP with not much effort, but the car is still drivable at this level and more than scary enough as is. Remember that these specials also use a light weight “RS” shell so way less than normal as well.

Imported from Japan in 2007 there is now 108000 on the clock, some of which would have been completed in Kilometres prior to being converted to read in MPH for the UK. It has a stack of service bills and receipts showing how well it has been looked after since importation. The latest invoice showing that a major service including cam-belt, tensioners and the water pump all just replaced so no need to worry about that for another 60000 odd miles.

Mechanically the car is excellent and is equipped with fully adjustable “Tein” suspension units all round. All the running gear is in very good order while the gear box and 4 wheel drive system are also excellent. All the electrics work as designed and the car will have a fresh MOT prior to the auction so the new owner can get in and use it.

Interior is excellent with little or no signs of wear while the exterior other than some very slight stone chips on the front is excellent too. You will of noticed (hopefully) its Black! According to the owners club, there were only ever 2012 cars built in total over the 5 colours and with Black being if not the rarest colour than next too, making this very rare car rarer still!

So a 4 door car you can go shopping with the family in or blast round Brands Hatch, embarrassing far more “sportier “ cars, for a price you cannot buy a half decent new Ford. Prices will keep on going up as they already are so grab one now while still affordable to mere mortals. Now where is the owner so I can argue that my Skyline is better than his Mitzy 🙂

Note: The car has a nice age related 6 digit “TME” Number plate this is going with the car, so a little bonus there for its next owner.


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