Lot 163 – Jaguar MK10 Manual RHD “Barn Find” 1961- 1964

Estimated Value : £2,000 – £3,000

Late in 1961 Jaguar wowed the crowds at the London Motor show when they presented for the first time the new “Mark 10” to replace the earlier Mark V11, V111 and 1X’s. The largest car produced by Jaguar had a much more modern styling than its fore runners, its massive size cleverly disguised by the body being much lower and sleeker with a bonnet that was not only lower but also one that had a lowered and slimmer grille as well this was sloped forward to further the impression of less height. The car also featured quad headlights and smaller 14 inch wheels, helping to disguise the size of the car.  It was powered at first by a 3.8 litre DOHC”XK” engine, later a 4.2 took its place. The engine was equipped with three SU Carburettors with Aluminium heads and pistons, the same as found on Jaguars newly announced sports car the E-type and giving a claimed 265HP more than enough to power the MK10 at a good turn of speed. Only 13,382 3.8  MK10’s were produced in total over the 3 year production run, making it a rare and very expensive car back then.

Fast forward to 1977, this was when the car we have here (Chassis number 303722) was last taxed and then left to stand in a barn, until recovered and bought to us. Make no bones about it, he is a complete restoration project, of that there is no discussion, but? What a lovely car to bring back from the edge of destruction. He appears to be exactly as left and basically complete, even the now very sought after and hard to find 3 carbs are still there, nothing seems to of been removed. The body although obviously rusty in places looks very salvageable, inner wings look good as do, on the whole, the door shuts. But that marks the end of our description. We find it is always best where restoration projects are concerned, to allow an interested party to either come to look themselves or send an agent to work on their behalf. We are after all an auction house not mechanics and our interpretation could be very different to a person that is qualified to judge.

As more and more farms, barns and out buildings are being sold to private owners to convert and live in, cars like this lurking in old buildings, will soon cease to exist. So if you are a fan of beautiful old jaguars and fancy a challenge, then estimate a price to restore, double it and with that in mind place your bid to own a bit of English motoring heritage.

NOTE. The displayed registration number is no longer on the DVLA register and the vendor has no original log book. Not being on the register does mean that no other car has it so you should, once MOT’d etc be able to claim the number back for the car. We cannot guarantee this but that is how it works usually. Either way it will mean you doing some leg work.


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