Melling V8 Chevrolet powered “Wild Cat” 2008

Estimated Value : £15,000 – £20,000

The car we have here today is Wildcat Number 5 built 31.10.08 and was fairly recently bought through auction from Als daughter, the only registered keeper of the car. Sold as needing minor recommissioning, it turned out that the car needed a “little bit” more than that!! It had been off the road for years and looks to of only ever been taken to car shows etc as a marketing tool, so never really fully completed, a “proto type” in the real sense of the word.

The current owner set about doing everything that needed to be done including, but not limited to a one off, handmade exhaust system, rectify all the non-working (aka not plugged in) electrical system, free the brakes off, remove the faulty alarm system that meant the car was a non-runner when received, mount the main body pieces correctly and a multitude of other small fiddly things that were required for a UK MOT, which it now has.

Now, the car is what it is meant to be! A stunning looking, one off, AmericanV8 powered, no compromise open top sports car (there is no roof). The hand finished interior is in lovely condition, the V8 Chevrolet engine under the hood sounds like only a V8 can with a lovely off beat tick over and that growl that cannot be mistaken when under load. With only 600 miles on it, there is still some running in to be done before you can use it fully, but suffice to say its quick! The body in its stunning orange metallic paint work has survived storage and being shipped round Europe to the shows, surprisingly well with only a couple of very minor imperfections.

This is now thought to be the only survivor actually on the road in the UK. The motor is in a base tune and with all the bits available on the market, 500+ horse power on pump fuel is available if you like your car to have that sort of performance, one that with this cars weight would whip most things out there. Definitely not for the wall flower or feint hearted, but what a lovely thing to own.

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