Lot 141 – Honda Civic “Type R” Track car from the “Steve Tandy Collection””

Estimated Value : £5,000 – £7,000

From the “Steve Tandy Collection” this very nice late 2002 Honda Civic “Type R” was used by him and his wife to have some fun doing track days. Having said that the same level of attention was given to the car, more so in some ways as Steve said “It was not just me in there but Sue my wife as well, it had to be as safe as possible” I said “So you let her drive then”.

The brakes were up graded along with adjustable suspension units fitted all round, battery was relocated into the car and a full “Alley Bars” roll cage was fitted. The engine was serviced but other than an up-rated air induction system and extra cold air piping and a performance exhaust that makes it sound the part, things were left pretty much as they were. The gearbox had its standard differential unit replaced with a competition “Quaife” Limited slip Diff . We all know how good these “Type R2 cars are, Honda built a gem of an engine and put it in one of the best saloon chassis available, so why mess with that and risk losing the reliability.

Body work on the car is very good, with very impressive graphics over nice straight panels, just one hairline crack on the front bumper capping that is hardly noticeable. Wheels are very good and shod with good competition type tyres.

Inside is the bare minimum. Two very good condition race seats with full harnesses, safety cut out switch and dash with Honda clocks. Past the relative switches for wipers etc that’s about it. Not a lot of creature comforts here. Even the electric side windows have been replaced with safety inspired Perspex ones.

The car is fully road registered (see No. Plate in front window) and it even has a current MOT until August but with the current exhaust and race inspired tyres then it would not be road legal. As with all this collection of cars we would advise a level of recommissioning prior to use, although this car has stood for the shortest time of them all. Got to be a lot of fun for not a great deal of money.

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