Lot 140 – AMG Mercedes 500SL 6 litre 1991 from the Steve Tandy Collection

Estimated Value : £15,000 – £20,000

Probably one of the hardest Mercedes we have had to find details on is this lovely “AMG 500 SL 6.0 Roadster” Yep, that’s is its official Mercedes title, as found on the print out of its original factory order and sales option codes that we have in the history of this two years only car. Quote “Before its metamorphosis in 1994, the AMG 500SL 6.0 appeared as the first incarnation of the SL60 AMG. However, it is the production before this collaboration that resulted in some distinctive productions and in 1991, while still independent, AMG presented the AMG 500SL 6.0. Until 1993 AMG assembled these machines donning the striking pre-facelift bumpers, subtle tuning and alterations rather than a complete restyling. The 5.0 litre engine is now superseded by a 6.0 litre V8 which was built on site.”

Only ever built as LHD this car has an even more un-usual past. Steve Tandy himself knew the original owner. It was this man that after paying the very high price to purchase it new, decided to ship it off to “Brabus” the other famous tuning company they, up graded the leather interior (you have to as why?)  Fitted the front grill, clock facia and gear knob. These things are obvious but apparently they breathed on the engine as well but there is no proof of this. We know this to be the case as after purchasing the car for £38,995, Steve drove it to Spain where his friend recognised it as his car he had sold previously. The very low mileage of 97608 Kilometres is backed up by a service print out from Mercedes showing various warranty jobs carried out from 1993 until 1997 with mileage shown, then old MOTs etc from there until the car entered Steve’s collection in 2013, where it has stood since. Last MOT in 2014 @ 97608 now reading 97624.

While still in excellent condition throughout, standing still has resulted in a couple of flaws. The driver’s window is not operating, clicks but not moving, this stops the front of the roof from operating although the rear section and “active” roll over hoop function correctly. The battery was dead and did take a lot of gentle encouragement to bring it back to life. Now there are no warning lights on the dash. The car starts and drives very well but there is a slight un-balanced feel to the engine just off tick over, this is getting less obvious each time the car is run so could just be down to needing a good service or fresh fuel. As with all cars that have stood it will need to be recommissioned. But what an opportunity to own a virtually unique German super car.


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