SOLD: Bentley Continental 1992 FSH

Estimated Value : £38,000 – £42,000

With over £40,000 of service and repair invoices in its extensive service file it is hardly surprising that this beautiful Bentley still drives like new. There really is not much on the car that has not been serviced at some point, all by Bentley Specialists. There was a period between 2011 and 2013 where £17,000 was spent. This is on top of the £3448.35 spent in 2006 and a further £1199.07 in 2007 after the car had been unused for a long period of time. This car has just had so much care lavished on it, which makes it the special car it is today.

The unmarked exterior is in “Midnight Blue” a stunning colour that almost changes hue as the light hits it. In darker conditions you could be forgiven for thinking its black, then in the light the blue comes through. Interior is trimmed in Magnolia hide with matching dark blue piping and is still one of the most luxurious interiors you will find in a car. Other manufacturers try but somehow they just cannot beat Rolls/Bentley at their own game.

With a starting price of £180,000 the Bentley continental was for a long time the most expensive production car to be made (The Sultan of Brunei paid £2 Million to own the Launch car from the Geneva Motor show) Prices with extras were often a long way past the £200,000 mark so ownership was for the exclusive few and over the 11 Year production run only a total of 1290 Cars were produced (RHD and LHD included) A rare car then even rarer today. Chances to own one as nice as this with its history really do not come up often and if you want one do it now values are now going up fast.

SKU: 100917-131