Estimated Value : £37,500 – £42,500

With the ethos behind this project being “Originality” this stunningly pretty 1972 BMW2002 has undergone a full nut and bolt restoration, carried out single handedly by a BMW specialist and enthusiast.

Now we can waffle on about the extremes that were gone to to get better than factory panel fit, how where ever possible only genuine replacement parts have been used, even the new tyres were chosen to replicate the originals, as it happens the spare wheel is shod with an original date stamped 1971 tyre! How the new carpets and headlining were specially ordered through BMW and the seats were retrimed to factory standard. But really you need to study this car with your own eyes to appreciate the level of work and the commitment to originality that has taken place.

This car is a credit to its owner and would not look out of place in any collection, private or public.

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