Kawasaki Z1300 “Carb” NEW and UN-REGISTERED

Estimated Value : £5,000 – £7,000

This 1979 Kawasaki Z1300 “Carb Model” has got to be one of the last, if not the last non registered Z1300 left. Built in 1979 it went into a dealership which is where it stayed until the vendor bought it. Unfortunately it had been poorly stored at some point previous to his purchasing it and the result is that it now will need a full cosmetic restoration. The chrome on the exhaust silencers has suffered as have all the painted surfaces. Brakes are free as it rolls. Electrics are untested but you would assume all good with a new battery fitted.

Mechanically obviously being effectively un-used all is good but again will need to be fully recommissioned, that more out of mechanical common sense than anything else. It is a shame that it has suffered in this way but with some time and effort the new owner will have a bike that is unique and worth an awful lot more than the estimated sale price.

Coming with a dating letter from Kawasaki, so once MOT’d and insured you will be able to register it onto UK plates (age related). This is probably the last chance lovers or collectors of Japanese classic bikes will get to own a Z13 with these credentials, so don’t miss it.

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