LOT 175: Volkswagen Beetle Convertible 1972

Estimated Value : £2,000 – £3,000

While not a “genuine” Karmann , this  1972 Beetle convertible has been converted very well at some point in its life, probably around the time it is said to be restored in the early 80’s and now while not a concourse example presents very well. The soft top is easy to remove and when in the raised position does not leak, that in itself is very unusual. But let’s face it, with the vinyl interior who cares if you get caught out by our unpredictable weather, you buy a soft top V-Dub to enjoy with the roof down and it looks so much better that way.

This particular car, being a 73 has the desirable metal dash and earlier rear lights etc plus the benefit of being in the “Historic” tax class so tax free. After being in storage,being part of a private collection that is being reduced in numbers and on a horrible cold drab day its 1300cc engine fired straight up, no nasty rattles or noises and soon settled into that strange tick over peculiar to VW air cooled engines, blowing smoke rings in the mist. Mechanically the vendor describes the car as being very good and as such he will be placing a new MOT on the car prior to the auction.

Body work is very solid with little or no sign of rust, nice solid footplates and heater channels, paint is good quality with a nice shine to it. Interior is clean and tidy and described as good. The fabric hood is good with just some cracking to the beading around the edges from being folded. All the electrics function as designed and the general mechanics of the car are described as very good.

All in all, a cheap way into owning a classic VW Beetle convertible in these days of high values being seen at sales throughout the world, with the added advantage for us of being  right hand drive.

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