Lot 110 – Mercedes 420 SEL W126 1986

Estimated Value : £1,500 – £2,500

Rare and striking in white, this very presentable 1986 W126 Mercedes is a nice example of the model range and benefits from having the sought after V8 engine. Having spent the best part of 8 years standing in private collections. The vendor purchased the car and set about getting the required MOT work and the running side of life so he could use it. Unfortunately now, he has nowhere to keep it and rather than let it decline has opted to sell.

The body work has survived well, having had paint work to a high standard at some point. Looks to of had the lower section of the car colour matched to the upper part to be all white. At this point the bumper lowers and mirror backs were also done and look very good still. However as is the norm for W126 Mercs there are a couple of areas where corrosion is evident under the paint, these will need to be attended to sooner, rather than later if you want to keep the car looking nice. The bumper chromes are good as are all the bright work round the car.

The interior is in excellent order and rare in the blue cloth you see it in. There is little or no wear evident, big soft seats that in this colour contrast very nicely with the exterior white. Being the long wheel base SEL the room in the back is noticeably greater than the standard wheel base cars. The electrics all work accept the driver’s window has stopped functioning and the radio in the dash has been disconnected as it was draining the battery.

Mechanically all is now good after having spent money with the MOT station making sure this was the case. The engine had a habit of dying under load and this was traced to various blockages in the fuel system caused by standing so long, now all sorted the engine is smooth and powerful, starting easily first time. Gearbox is excellent changing smoothly and the rest of the general mechanics are good, the car now drives well.

There is a plastic wallet with the car containing old MOTs back to 1993, lots of old receipts and the original owner’s manual. SEL V8 W126 Mercedes have surged in popularity over the last couple of years, along with most cars from the 80’s, this particular car is a good example that you can use as is and improve as you wish.

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