Mercedes 220S “Rolling Restoration”1960

Estimated Value : £8,500 – £10,000


A South African import showing 60,000 miles good body and paintwork from an older restoration with a few areas that could now do with some attention. Unfortunately the bonnet while open was caught in the wind, this has resulted in some minor damage to the l/h top corner and edge of the bonnet and front wing, repairable but worth the mention. Exterior chrome work is bright and looks original.

The interior is in good condition.The 2.2 petrol engine runs well (The ignition switch is backed up by a hidden switch to operate), gearbox selects smoothly, the clutch and breaks work but we cannot drive to confirm further, see note below.

NOTE: The fuel tank needs replacement and as a TEMPORARY measure a plastic tank has been rigged up in the boot to allow the car to be run and loaded THIS IS NOT SAFE TO BE DRIVEN LIKE THIS AND AS SUCH THE CAR MUST BE RECOVERED NOT DRIVEN AWAY.



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